What makes a great website?

Creating a website has gotten far easier then back in the early days of the Internet. Now you can easily create a basic site within a few days, And with great platforms like Shopify and Wix, your able to get all the back end development at a monthly cost. This includes great tools for marketing and analytics. Some integrate with 3rd party platforms like Facebook as standard to allow your site to grow. 

However when it comes to being different online. You need to focus on a few main points to get you started correctly. Here’s 5 points to get you prepared when launching online.

1.DESIGN – Is it screaming out your business ethos? 

Design first starts with you, Adding you personal identity will enable you to give customers or clients a direct representation of YOU , when you can directly display you onto a digital platform, The audience you attract will know and have a feel of who you are before you even get in contact. This is powerful as most take this as the ‘new’ first impressions. Having a basic design without any personal identification makes the site cold and without purpose. So focusing on expressing you digitally, is key. That’s what we help with. I love to bring this out of people, understand the vision and get to work creating it. That’s my niche and i love it! There’s nothing more creative then getting the vision on paper and getting to design it.

2. User Experience – Can they get there fast?!

Looking at websites, the amount of time it takes to buy a product is getting smaller and smaller. Meaning some will buy of a site within minutes if the user experience is correct. If the flow is simple, recognisable and informative then the trust to buy or invest in your service will grow exponentially. We know this and work hard to create a flow that is simple yet effective in getting them from visit to buy. Even if they look first, using great tools to get in touch with them can help build the trust . Chat bots and instant messaging services that contact at key points can also build confidence in the buying process, as some may have a burning question to ask before they purchase. Having FAQ and Question / Answer pages within the site will avoid any light questions going unanswered.

3. Create a Sales and Service Flow – Don’t get trapped!

One thing that i have understood through working with many business’s and mentors is that if your business doesn’t have a sales and service flow. The business risks getting swamped trying to maintain the easiest of tasks. Simply because theirs no structure to the client or business owner. You need to be able to effectively manage your business flow to give the best customer service and also a stress free environment within the business.

4. Ride the wave – Get used to the motion in the ocean

This one isn’t more website focused but in general if you get used to the peaks and troth of business then your giving yourself a greater understanding of how to be successful. Just like life can throw its ups and downs. Business is no exception and getting used to this will help you navigate and make the best decisions to uplift you in the hard times and evolve faster when its going good. This is the way, We choose how to deal with each situation so choose carefully. Are you being to quick to answer questions or are you taking a step back to truly understand each opportunity. Some things cannot be solved in a minute even if you know the answer. take time to think , assess and plan more then 1 circumstance to help you be prepared for the unexpected. As if you a new business. There will be many up and down moments. Its just the glory of life 🙂 . Keep those who support you close and be grateful that they are there. They will help you in the hardest of times.

5. Investment , Investment , Investment

Now as you start to get jobs and purchases. This is the best time to continue improving the business, You have what you need to live, so put the rest back into the business, continually invest in it and you will take it more serious. When you have another improvement for your business that strikes a rush of insight. Invest in it. Invest HARD! because it will pay you back 10 fold. Looking for investors to improve the business. Be sure they are right for you and your business. Don’t jump to the 1st offering without considering “Are they right for you” . When i wanted to set up a separate business had the option of £5000 with Mentor ship or £25,000 from a private investment company. Most would say “Give me £25k!” However i knew to get this business the foundation it deserves it needed minds greater then my knowledge at the time. I wanted to give it the best shot with guidance to help me grow effectively without as many mistakes. So i took the £5000 investment and don’t think ill ever look back. However some may know everything there is and would make that £25k return without any doubt. We all have our own choice to make in business. Make the right one for you , not others.

These will help you ask the right questions and get you started right. I help those who know what they want , and those who are unsure of the correct direction. We are here , We are the digital builders.

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